Monday, January 24, 2011

Sharing the Experience.

     Well, hard to believe its 2011 & the start of another year.  So many plans to make & goals to reach, both personal & creative.  Those who know me well, know this is a very important year for me. . . deep breath.  Just because you are behind the wheel, doesn't necessarily mean you can control the condition of the road you are traveling on.  Smooth or rough, it is a journey of great worth. 
     So, I would like to begin this year in the spirit which I started this blog, that of New Drawn Conclusions.  Here are a few sketches of a character, I hope over the coarse of this coming year to be able to share with you in greater detail. 
     This character, well. . . Is me.  A great technique for achieving better expression & believe ability.  He's me as an adult as well as me as a child.  There is a wealth of memories, experiences, viewpoints, emotions & beliefs that I can pull from as inspiration for each illustration of my friend here, "Brewster".  With each situation, I know exactly how he will react & feel.  Its real, its honest, its a simple discovery of self expression. There is a piece of me in every picture & countless words buried in the subtlest of gestures and in the simplest of expressions.  Driven by childhood memories through to present day experiences.
     I hope you enjoy them!