Thursday, July 15, 2010

Disney Interactive. . .

The Dream job! I felt so fortunate to be included in such a talented group of artist & designers. I learned a great deal about layout design, creating & using curved perspective grids. A technique that opened a door to scene creation that has proven to be far more dynamic. The degree of bent perspective, great or small, has a direct impact on the look of the piece. I plan on going into this with much more detail in a later post.
Dealing with design for 3D, lighting became a very important part of the look & feel of a given scene. Not only can it make a very simple scene interesting, it helps direct the viewers eye while adding mystery & drama.
The inspiration & encouragement I received from my friends there, drove me to new heights I had never before experience. Working along side the best the industry had to offer, only increased my personal desire to be the best that I could be. It truly was a job that felt nothing like WORK!