Friday, July 16, 2010

Layouts with a different flavor!

Layouts with a different flavor, literally. The MGA Entertainment brand "Yummi-Land" offered me an opportunity to work with very fluid lines, actually it was something which I found much easier to deal with. I love the rhythms that flow through these designs. The playful shapes & fluid lines are what made this brand so appealing.
I couldn't get into this body of work without thanking a very special friend, Natasha Sasic. Nat the great, as I jokingly call her, was the genius creative behind ALL the designs for this amazing line of products. Nat's talent drove the look of virtually everything from the dolls to their pets & everything they wore. To the playsets and the accessories that went with them. She designed all the components for the Website,
Style Guides and for Packaging. With her talents & experience in Animation, she also oversaw the development of the direct to DVD Entertainment release: "Betsy Bubblegum's journey through Yummi-Land". And finally with her direction & or Post-it Note thumbnails, I got all the guidance needed to compose these layouts.