Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shape Language . . .

Visual consistency is very important on a project such as this. We had 4 shorts, although staggered in the schedule, they were at one point all in production at the same time. Each short had some aspect of its design handle by different Artists, a necessity when dealing with the sheer volume of work. These Design style sheets communicated overall shape language & were key to making sure the entire team was looking at every design solution with the same goal in mind. The ideal outcome was to have the whole project look as though it was created by one hand. Here is an example of one of the sheets from the short "Bubble Trouble".


Jess said...

Uncle Mike! I love your blog. Be sure to keep it up. It's so fascinating to be able to see the work that you do up close. The creative process can seem like such a black box to those of us on the outside and you do a great job of giving us a peek into the inside.

Love you! Jess