Friday, July 9, 2010

New Creative Ventures

For many years now, I have been inspired by some very talented individuals. From exceptionally driven classmates & the instructors who guided us, to a growing family of very gifted co-workers.
The greatest growth I experienced as an artist, has been in collaborative working environments, especially where egos were absent from the creative process. And without a doubt, my years
at Disney ranks the highest in this regard. The dedicated teamwork, the genuine mutual respect, and the diverse creative influence, is something I have always cherished and have since been seeking
to recapture.
Through out my journey as an Artist & Designer, I have drawn many conclusions about my abilities, and what I wanted to accomplish. At times my conclusions were filled with doubt and others with a new found strength of accomplishment. This blog is a continuation of
that journey. An outlet for learning and sharing. For making new acquaintances, exploring new creative ventures & of course uncovering New Drawn Conclusions of discovery, ability & accomplishment.